Better light. Better life.

Smart LED bulbs with data over power. Designed and assembled in Belgium. Lucenti offers all the advantages of LED bulbs while maintaining a retro look. Create the right atmosphere, the right mood.

Dedicated App

Operating on both iOS and Android, our dedicated controller app creates light-shows, shedules times, and changes colours to create just the look you want.

Certified Australian supplier

If you would like the magic of Lucenti lighting at your next installation or party, stay tuned.

It will soon be available in our shop.


metre long lines

By using data over power, it’s possible to use standard socket wiring with E27 fittings to individually address the bulbs with our dedicated controller.


bulbs in one line

If you want each bulb to have an individual address, you can put 128 of them on one line. If addresses don’t have to be unique, the numbers are even higher!


pre-made effects

The powerful app has built-in effects. These are very useful to trigger some effects on the spot.



Our Pearl bulbs are assembled in Belgium and are made to last. With a lifespan of 15k hours you are good to go.


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